Auditioning for the Team


Momentum Music exists to create worship experiences that lead people into an engaging encounter with God. If God has given you a gift of music, we want to provide the arena for you to use those gifts. In order to protect the vision and culture God has allowed us to steward, please read the following instructions about our audition process to be considered for our team. We value the opportunity to lead people in worship, so we place a great amount of energy into seeking out skilled musicians and vocalists to lead in our environments. Prior to applying, please read all of the details below regarding the application process.

What You Should Know Before Applying

  • We’re accepting audition applications for all vocalists and musicians.

  • If you want to audition for multiple instruments, you can send us multiple videos of the instruments you play.

  • We will view all videos and you will be emailed back if you’ve been asked to continue in the audition process.

  • We ask all of our team members to commit to being a part of our church prior to being a part of the Momentum Music team.

  • We are looking for vocalists and musicians who have a significant amount of experience in their respective instrument. However, we are a culture of learning and developing, so try out even if you’re not sure you’ll make it! Additionally, your character, cultural fit and spiritual health are just as important to us. If you don't have a lot of experience, there are still opportunities to serve on our team in other capacities and be developed in the process.

  • Our weekend adult gathering environment requires leaders to be 16 years of age or older to apply. People under 16 years old can still apply to serve in our Momentum Students environment, The Crew, on Wednesday nights. We have a worship leadership internship program called Emerge where you can gain practical experience in leadership. If you qualify for Emerge, we can have a conversation about next steps during this process. Email to learn more about the Crew. Email to learn more about Emerge.

  • Our call time on Saturdays at Pensacola is 12p and on Sundays at Gulf Breeze and Navarre at 5a. We setup our gear, then load it all out. We currently don't have rehearsals during the week. We ask that every vocalist and musician prepare on their own, then come fully prepared for a run-through on Sunday morning. We supply every resource possible (including chord charts, rehearsal tracks, tutorial videos, and more) during the week in order to set you up for success. We also have a leadership team of people for each vocal part and instrument so they can help you during the week.

  • If you are selected to join our team as a vocalist or musician, we'll follow up with you after the final interview. If you are not selected for one of those roles, you may still be a great fit for another role on our team. We'll let you know if that's the case!

Step 1

Submit Volunteer Application / Background Check


Step 2

Submit Audition Application & Video

Please submit two videos of yourself singing or playing your instrument — or both. The video should give us a good idea of what you sound like and/or how you play. We should be able to know right away if you are the right fit based on your skills in the video.

NOTE: Please use the audition songs below to audition and record your video before filling out the application.


Step 3

Live Audition

If you pass the video audition, we will contact you to take the next step with a live audition. Live auditions happen during rehearsals on Sunday mornings before our gatherings. One of our leaders will reach out to you and set it up.


Step 4

Final Interview

We will finalize the audition process with a face-to-face interview to talk about our vision, mission, values and expectations. This is the step where we either invite you to the Momentum Music team or recommend another team. Either way, there's always a place for you at Momentum!